What is ABRSM?

We believe in the importance of all-round musicianship and this forms the basis of our exams. To become an all-round musician students need a range of interlocking skills – in performance, technique, notation, and listening and musical perception – as well as knowledge, understanding and creativity. These are the things we assess in our exams.

ABRSM exams are music exams rather than instrumental or singing exams. Examiners are assessing the quality of the music-making, not how it is achieved. For this reason we do not restrict examiners to assessing only their own instrument but require them to examine all instruments.

We have designed our graded music exams to motivate instrumental and singing students of all ages and a wide range of abilities. They are available at eight levels – Grades 1 to 8 – and provide:

  • progressive goals to aim for;
  • recognition for achievement;
  • carefully structured syllabus requirements;
  • one-to-one assessment by an expert professional;
  • an objective guide to a candidate’s skills and progress.

There are no age restrictions and students can start with any grade or skip grades if they want to.

What is included in the exam?

To succeed in our exams candidates need a combination of skills and understanding. Broadly, we assess:

  • performance skills through pieces or songs;
  • technical skills through scales and arpeggios;
  • notation skills through a sight-reading test;
  • and listening skills and musical perception through aural tests.

Please click HERE to see the ABRSM website for further information


When are the Exams?

If you want to be entered for an ABRSM exam please see your instrumental teacher or Mr Peel.

Theory revision sessions will take place in G7 with Mr Peel on Tuesday after school.

For a list of the next exam dates, please see the ABRSM Website

2018 Practical Exam Fees

Grade 1£40.00
Grade 2£45.00
Grade 3£52.00
Grade 4£58.00
Grade 5£62.00
Grade 6£72.00
Grade 7£78.00
Grade 8£91.00

2018 Theory Exam Fees

Grade 1£27.00
Grade 2£29.00
Grade 3£32.00
Grade 4£34.00
Grade 5£37.00
Grade 6£41.00
Grade 7£44.00
Grade 8£47.00

ABRSM Practical Exam Results

Candidate Instrument Grade Mark Category
May 2015
Francesca Baldwin Violin 3 130 Distinction
India Flavell Violin 3 138 Distinction
Charlotte Hanson Cornet 3 116 Pass
Lottie Hargreaves Violin 2 115 Pass
Bethany Henderson Flute 1 122 Merit
Bethan Nelson Flute 4 118 Pass
Jonathan Prior Guitar 2 108 Pass
Ellie Ryan Flute 1 135 Distinction
Louise Smith Baritone 2 134 Distinction
Charlotte Stanworth Violin 1 118 Pass
Nathan Watson Guitar 2 105 Pass
Peter James Watts Guitar 3 133 Distinction
Ruby Willis Violin 1 120 Merit

ABRSM Theory Exam Results

Candidate Grade Mark Category
November 2016
Abbie Smithson 4 73 Pass
Lauren Smithson 3 83 Merit
Emily Wilkinson 2 97 Distinction
November 2015
Abigail Walton 5 81 Merit
Luke Butler 4 71 Pass
Hollie Peat 4 77 Pass
Olivia Baker 3 99 Distinction
Reed Crabtree 2 81 Merit
Harry Yates 2 69 Pass
Ryan Bolton 3 72 Pass
February 2015
Matthew Densfield 3 82 Merit
Sarah Greenhall 2 88 Merit
Amelia Mansfield 4 72 Pass
Hollie Peat 3 86 Merit
Lucy Rushton 3 93 Distinction
Jessica Streek 3 69 Pass