AS Music

At Haslingden High School we follow the Eduqas (WJEC) specification for AS-Level Music.

The WJEC Eduqas specification allows learners the opportunity to develop skills in the three distinct but related disciplines of performing, composing and appraising. All learners study the Western Classical Tradition (The Development of the Symphony), engaging with landmark orchestral repertoire, which develops knowledge and understanding of music. Learners will use the musical techniques and conventions of this period to compose one piece of music to a brief. Learners also choose one area of study from a choice of three, which are designed to offer contrast and breadth of study. Learners choose either Rock and Pop, or Musical Theatre or Jazz. The specification is flexible and allows the areas of study to be taught concurrently or consecutively. This specification also gives learners freedom to express their own musical interests through composing and performing in styles of their own choice.


Component 1: Performing

Total duration of performances: 6-8 minutes

Externally assessed by a visiting examiner

30% of qualification

A performance consisting of a minimum of two pieces either as a soloist or as part of an ensemble or a combination of both. One piece must reflect the musical characteristics of one area of study

Component 2: Composing

Total duration of compositions: 4½-7 minutes

Non-exam assessment: externally assessed by WJEC

30% of qualification

Two compositions one of which must reflect the musical techniques and conventions associated with the Western Classical Tradition and be in response to a brief set by WJEC. Learners will have a choice of four briefs released during the first week of September in the academic year in which the assessment is to be taken.
The second composition is a free composition.

Component 3: Appraising

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes

Externally assessed

40% of qualification

Two areas of study:
Area of study A: The Western Classical Tradition
A choice of one area of study from:
Area of study B: Rock and Pop
Area of study C: Musical Theatre
Area of study D: Jazz
1. Set work analysis with a score
2. Extended responses on wider context
3. Unprepared extracts of music with and without a score
4. Comparison questions

The WJEC Eduqas AS in Music offers a broad and coherent course of study which encourages learners to:

  • engage actively in the process of music study
  • develop performing skills to demonstrate an understanding of musical elements, style, sense of continuity, interpretation and expression
  • develop composing skills to demonstrate the manipulation of musical ideas and the use of musical devices and conventions
  • recognise the interdependence of musical knowledge, understanding and skills, and make links between the integrated activities of performing, composing and appraising underpinned by attentive listening
  • broaden musical experience and interests, develop imagination and foster creativity
  • develop and extend the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to communicate effectively as musicians
  • develop knowledge and understanding of a variety of instruments and styles, and of relevant approaches to both performing and composing
  • develop awareness of music technologies and their use in the creation and presentation of music
  • appraise contrasting genres, styles and traditions of music, and develop understanding of musical contexts and a coherent awareness of musical chronology
  • develop as effective, independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds
  • reflect critically and make personal judgements on their own and others’ music
  • engage with, and extend appreciation of, the diverse heritage of music in order to promote personal, social, intellectual and cultural development.