G7 Studio

G7 Studio is our own semi-professional recording studio, located within the school. The studio is cabled through to the adjacent Music Technology room so we can make recordings of individual performers or entire bands.

The studio is based around a Mac Mini and 2x Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Interfaces, which give the facility to record 16 channels simultaneously while providing 4 individual headphone mixes. We have a wide selection of microphones and are able to cater for any group or ensemble.  

We also have a selection of various outboard hardware including DI boxes, multi effects units, compressors, EQ's, guitar effects pedals, a loop pedal and a vocal effect pedal.


Within the Music Technology Room we have a suite of 10 Apple iMac computers with MIDI keyboards and audio interfaces, all running the latest versions of Logic and Sibelius. There are also CD and iPod listening facilities and a large LCD television for viewing DVD’s or demonstrating ideas to the class.

In addition we have a selection of instruments including a Yamaha CLP-575 Digital Piano, Roland JV-30 Synth, Korg X5D Synth, Fender, Ibanez and Yamaha Guitars/Basses, and Marshall and Warwick Guitar/Bass Amplifiers.